Teriyaki Madness is Back in Colleyville


by Nafeisa  Shukair-Farley

Guess what time it is?  It is BOWL time again baby!  The bowls are ready to roll and be filled on February 24, 2017 when Teriyaki Madness in Colleyville reopens under the new owner Shree Rama.  The Teriyaki Madness concept is fast-causal Asian grill with a menu with fresh all-natural ingredients like beef, chicken, tofu, veggies and more.

I arrived at the location in Colleyville and was immediately greeted with smells of meat grilling and veggies steaming.  Based on the smells, my expectations were high and let me just say, the food exceeded all my expectations.  For this tasting, Shree and team planned a tummy-filled night of appetizers that included chicken eggrolls, chicken potstickers and edamame.  The eggrolls and potstickers had the right amount of crispidy (pronounced crispa-dee – Nafeisa’s word for food so rightly crunchy it is crispidy) and the Gyoza sauce (ginger, soy sauce, pineapple juice and a few secrets) took the rolls and stickers to a whole new taste bud level.


Let’s talk bowls.  There are so many bowl combinations that you will never have to eat the same thing twice if you don’t want to.  You can get chicken with rice or without rice or with noodles, or with veggies or with everything.  It is like you are creating your own menu but don’t have to cook or clean-up. During the tasting, Shree and team brought us so many bowl combos that just kept us saying “yum, yum yum.”  My favorite bowl is the spicy chicken teriyaki with brown rice and veggies.  The chicken not only has a Sumo Wrestler kick, the cooking method caramelizes the chicken giving making it wonderful crispidy.  I went back to the kitchen to watch the Chef make this dish and was mesmerized by the shooting flames of fire with the steam aftermath.  I was in awe watching the dish prepared but eating the bowl and beyond all expectations.  This bowl was so good, I took home extra and I am not sharing.

Let’s talk sauce!  Teriyaki Madness has eight (8) in-house made sauces that will please all palates.  From sweet-n-sour to spicy, the choices and combos are endless.  While eating, I mixed some of the sauces and created wonderful combos to continuously dip my stickers, rolls and edamame into.  This is the one of the benefits of Teriyaki Madness, you have so many options and choices with the ingredients and sauces you won’t be bored and always satisfied.  The poppy-seed salad dressing is another bonus – it is so good you will want to drink it.


What about utensils?  Just as there is food for all tastes, there are utensils.  At Teriyaki Madness, you can eat with a fork, spoon, regular chopsticks, or…you can use the Chork.  Yes, I said Chork!  The Chork is a fork at one end and chopsticks at the other.  Now you know I was all about this utensil and of course I used the chopstick end.


Shree is excited to bring the Teriyaki Madness to health-conscious humans who want good food, at a good price and when they leave their tummies are full and have leftovers.  He also provides a neighborhood feel and alternative to the standard fast-food fare which is accomplished with the warm décor, good food smells and fresh all-natural ingredients.

Please don’t think the goodness stops with the food…there is more good news with the grand reopening!

Saturday, February 25th starting at 11am, there are giveaways that you cannot “stayaway” from.   The first 5 people in line get free bowls for a year, yes, free bowls for a year (24 to be exact), the next 20 people receive free bowls for a month (4 bowls to be exact) and all day Saturday/Sunday, the Chicken Teriyaki bowls are only $5.  Additionally, everyone who signs up for ClubMad by March 5, 2017 will be entered to win free bowls for a year (this writer is already signed up).