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Located in the intersection of Pecos and Wigwam, next to a 24 Hour Fitness Gym. Our restaurant is a cozy friendly restaurant catering to the local businesses, fitness person, and near by neighborhoods. Our customers are regulars that come in known by the staff. We also have enticed new customers with coupons, search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, and overall food and service.

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Start with the feast before the feast. Get your hands on some rangoons, edamame, potstickers and other amazing starters.

Then dig into deep bowls stacked with noodles or white or brown rice, stir-fried veggies and your choice of beef, chicken or tofu. Order a favorite or create a new one. Your bowl is your brilliance.


A meeting without teriyaki is just a meeting of really hungry people. Get your party sauced!



Join us for a fundraiser! BIG bowls, BIG money! Contact us today for more information


I'm Gogo (Arnaldo Gomez) - I graduated from UNLV with a Biology B.S.. I got involved with Teriyaki Madness when they were just starting out. I enjoyed their product and was interested in a partnership with them when the opportunity presented itself. That opportunity came in 2006-07. I borrowed money from my parents and ventured into the business. Little did I imagine how difficult the journey would be. I opened in 2007 right before our recent economic depression. I borrowed money from everyone to stay open. I literally paid to work for the 1st two years. I was down but had nowhere else to go. All this money was invested in Teriyaki Madness and I had to make it work. We had a good product, but I just needed to get the word out. Finally in 2009 things got better and the restaurant started paying off. The rest is history... THANK GOD!!!

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