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At Teriyaki Madness, we realize that people only come to your meetings or parties because you serve food. We also know that if the food is good, the results of the meeting or party are obviously also good.

That’s why we totally invented catering. That’s right, we’re pretty sure we’re the first-ever place to start bringing you large amounts of food, so you don’t have to cook for other people. For parties of 10-100 (or more), you can bring delicious, fresh favorites like spicy chicken, steak teriyaki, Yakisoba noodles, trays of fresh, stir-fry veggies, chicken eggrolls and house-made sauces to your home or office.

Teriyaki Bar:

A Teriyaki Bar comes with your choice of protein, two bases (rice or noodles) and of course our fresh, stir-fry veggies. Then you can add on appetizers, desserts, drinks or more trays.

NOTE: Teriyaki Madness did not invent catering. But we’re really good at it.


Chicken Teriyaki

Our most popular dish! Hand-trimmed, fresh marinated chicken grilled and served with our house-made teriyaki sauce

Spicy Chicken

Warning: highly addictive! Hand-trimmed, fresh chicken teriyaki, chopped and stir-fried in our signature house-made spicy sauce. More flavor than heat!

Orange Chicken

Breaded chicken tossed in our sweet orange sauce. A crowd-pleaser!

Spicy Tofu

Hand-cut tofu, stir-fried in our house-made spicy sauce. So good, even carnivores love it

Steak Teriyaki

Hand-trimmed, lean, marinated steak, sous vide cooked, then tossed in a hot wok with our house-made teriyaki sauce


White Rice

Fresh, sticky, medium-grained Calrose white rice steamed to perfection

Brown Rice

Looking for an even healthier option? Fresh, sticky, medium-grained Calrose brown rice steamed to perfection

Fried Rice

White Calrose rice, stir-fried with fresh egg, peas and carrots in our house-made stir-fry sauce – mmmmm


Japanese-style yakisoba noodles wok-tossed in our house-made stir-fry sauce

Fresh, Stir-Fry Veggies

A blend of fresh cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, onions and carrots stir-fried in our house-made stir-fry sauce



Eggrolls w/ Gyoza Sauce


Sandy’s Amazing Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Chewy Marshmallow With Brown Butter + Sea Salt

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