Get 4 Bowls & 2 Apps for $26!

Putting food back on the tables for our fellow restaurant workers.

There are 5.5 million food service workers out of jobs right now due to COVID-19 and we want to help! The Four-Top provides delicious, fresh teriyaki bowls to one person for several days, or a healthy meal for four people. Pass it on to restaurant workers you know who are struggling right now!

Includes a 4 bowl combination of your choice from: Regular Sized Chicken Teriyaki, Spicy Chicken, Orange Chicken or Spicy Tofu. Plus, your choice of 2 appetizers from: Chicken Eggroll or Edamame. Each regular sized bowl also comes with White or Brown Rice and Stir-Fry Veggies.  

Sorry things suck right now. They will get better. We are constantly hiring too if you’re looking. Let us know where you worked and enter your email and we’ll stay in touch with offers and news! 

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