TMAD made it on the list of Top 5 Franchises for Smart Growth!


There’s fast growth that fizzles and fast growth that lasts. The newly published Franchise Times Fast & Serious list aims to identify the latter, using a proprietary 10-point formula that identifies sustainable unit and sales growth over a three-year period. Here are bits of wisdom from the CEOs driving sustainable growth in this year’s top five.

No. 5 is Teriyaki Madness, where CEO Michael Haith believes in developing collaboration and trust among franchisees. “We talk! We communicate, we over-communicate, kind of where our heads are at. When we take the time to talk with franchisees about where we’re going, and what the pain points are, it’s always amazing how much the franchisees agree.

“It’s when the ivory tower comes up with these things” on their own that problems arise. He also believes in doing what he and the management team says they will do. “Sometimes you’ve just got to roll up your sleeves and make things work. When you’re in franchising, you make a lot of promises. That’s what keeps me up at night,” knowing he has to fulfill them.

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