At Teriyaki Madness, we have always taken teriyaki very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously. We have fun. We’re a little edgy and a little irreverent because we believe that life should be fun (and food should be delicious).

We want you to know that we’re also taking today’s world challenges very seriously.  Here’s what we’re doing to continue to keep our restaurants clean and help keep our employees and customers safe:


Hand Washing

Well, we have always washed our hands – that would be gross if we didn’t. However, we are scrubbing in like surgeons now – longer and even more often.


Sauce Bottles

We know our house-made teriyaki sauce is addicting (sorry. not sorry). For the short term, we have removed all bottles from the tables, including our teriyaki sauce, soy sauce and siracha. We have individual packets of soy sauce and siracha and are portioning the teriyaki sauce in individual containers to avoid multiple hands touching the bottles. Just ask for some at the counter.


Forks, Straws & Cup Lids

We have temporarily moved all of these behind the counter. Just ask a wok-star employee for one and we will gladly get you what you need.


Sanitizing, following CDC advice and everything else

We are being diligent in our sanitizing and cleaning procedures (and we have confirmed our sanitizers are the right ones to protect from spreading Coronavirus). We are following the health department, CDC and restaurant industry best practices to ensure we’re doing everything possible to stay ahead of this quickly-changing situation!

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