SaladTeriyaki Madness was featured in for the new Sesame Asian Yakisoba Salad. Read the full story below!

Teriyaki Madness, a growing, Denver-based fresh Asian fast-casual franchise, is adding more adventure to their menu this summer with a large, cold noodle salad, beginning June 6, for a limited time offer through September.

The Sesame Asian Yakisoba Salad offers a uniquely delicious menu option that is expected to be a hit with salad lovers and flavor-seekers alike. The large bowl is full of bold, craveable flavors such as fresh ginger, garlic, sesame and soy and is packed with yakisoba noodles, marinated, grilled teriyaki chicken and fresh chopped vegetables including broccoli, zucchini, cabbage and carrots, all perfectly tossed and chilled for summer.

With the brand’s summer “Be Bowl’d” campaign encouraging its customers to choose their own path and be adventurous, Teriyaki Madness makes sure to take its own advice; the Sesame Asian Yakisoba Salad will indeed stand out amongst all the other traditional boring salads. The campaign also invites customers to live a life of adventure and do something they’ve never done before – like order a chilled noodle salad.

“Summer is the perfect time to try new things and test your limits, and that’s what we are doing with the Sesame Asian Yakisoba Salad. We are not afraid to challenge the definition of salad and take away the lettuce. As our promotion says, ‘if it’s chilled and in a bowl, it’s a salad,’” said Michael Haith, CEO of Teriyaki Madness. “This salad is fun and different, and we are confident it will be a hit among our customers as it has all the elements that they already know and love.”

Similar to Yakisoba dishes already on the menu, the LTO is loaded with the brand’s signature, addicting flavors. The unique difference being that it’s chilled and tossed in Teriyaki Madness’ brand-new Sesame Asian dressing, giving customers the refreshing feeling of a salad while also feeling full and energized for their adventurous summer days.

Teriyaki Madness, the fastest growing Asian restaurant concept in the nation, grants customers an authentic Seattle Teriyaki House experience. Big, bold bowls are what Teriyaki Madness is famous for, as guests customize their made-to-order entrees. Building a customer’s bowl of delicious flavors and ingredients starts with made-from-scratch sauces and various rice and noodle options, and then adding fresh-cut, stir-fried or steamed vegetables and quality proteins like all-natural, fresh chicken, beef or tofu.