Is 2022 set to be the year of Seattle-style teriyaki for the Great White North? Cana-duh!

Denver, CO  (  A country can only exist on french fries, cheese curds and gravy for so long! Those looking to rage against the poutine and bring something new to their fellow northerners are in luck — Teriyaki Madness, the Seattle-style teriyaki shop franchise, has its sights set on Canada for continued franchise growth after crossing the border earlier this year and opening two successful locations in Lethbridge, Alberta and Regina, Saskatchewan. The team says they hope to add five locations throughout Canada in 2022.

“Opening our first two locations in Canada was such a milestone for us as a brand, and we’ve already seen great success in the country,” said Michael Haith, CEO of Teriyaki Madness. “We’re thrilled to be delivering something different to our hungry friends up in Canada, and we are eager to expand our presence even further.”

The brand specializes in a focused menu of high-quality, craveable teriyaki bowls. The brand won raves and legions of fans for its fresh ingredients, healthy approach to quick-serve and the energetic shop atmosphere created by its fun-loving team of work-stars behind the counter.

Kunal Thakur, a native of India who worked in Nigeria for 11 years for a Kellogg brand before he, his wife and six-year-old daughter decided to settle in Alberta, is the franchisee behind the Teriyaki Madness location in Alberta.

“The quality was so different from other places we had tried — we knew Teriyaki Madness would be a hit here, and we certainly wouldn’t be the last Canadian shop,” said Thakur. “Now, we’re eager to open a second location of our own and watch the madness spread across the country.”

Ankit Patel, the franchisee behind Canada’s other Teriyaki Madness location, says they are just as eager to grow with the brand. “It is clear that Canada has been waiting eagerly for Seattle-style teriyaki, as the demand shows no signs of slowing down,” said Ankit Patel. “We are looking forward to what the future holds.”

The Denver-based teriyaki powerhouse has been growing dramatically over the past year. In 2021 alone, Teriyaki Madness added 23 new shops throughout North America. Now, Canadian entrepreneurs looking to jump aboard this fast-moving train have a prime opportunity to introduce a proven concept to their communities, and Haith says they can be confident the team has already done the research to ensure their shops are met with a warm welcome.

“Growth is not something we force,” said Haith. “We look at where the demand is, and we make sure the opportunity is right. Right now, we don’t have to look very hard. The demand for Teriyaki Madness is growing everywhere, and we’re finding potential franchisee partners who are passionate and driven in every market we look at. As we prepare to enter the new year, Canada is a primary focus of ours, and we are confident it is primed to be the next frontier for Teriyaki Madness.”